Seizures occur with the brain's electrical activity doesn't function properly. There are different types of seizures. They vary from staring off and having a short loss of consciousness to full or partial body shakes and tremors. You may be asked to complete a Seizure Health History form form to provide more information on what seizures are like for your child.

It is the practice of the Douglas County School System to have a Seizure Action Plan in place for children diagnosed with seizures. Your child's provider may complete his or her own form or complete the Seizure Action Plan template found under the forms section. This form provides clear guidelines in the event that your child has a seizure at school. The Seizure Action Plan will need to be completed every year.

Sometimes, emergency medication is prescribed to give for seizures that last over five minutes. If your doctor has given this medication, please bring it to school in the pharmacy box with the prescription label. An Assistance with Medication form and/or a Doctor's Orders for Emergency Seizure Medication Form form will need every year, as well.

What You Might See During a Seizure:

  • Falling

  • Uncontrollable or involuntary muscle spasms

  • Drooling from the mouth

  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

  • Altered awareness

  • Stiffening of muscles

  • Lip smacking, chewing, or fidgeting without purpose

What To Do If a Seizure Occurs:

  • Call 911 right away if the person stops breathing or turns blue

  • Call 911 for a seizure that lasts longer than 3 minutes

  • Stay calm

  • Move the person to the floor

  • Put something soft under the head

  • Turn the person to his or her side

  • Do not try to restrain

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your schools Health Monitor or Douglas County Nurse.

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